Preparing for your past life regression in Sedona

Your intent is important to your success. Come to your session with an open mind, ready to receive and face whatever information will be most helpful. We pledge to be at your side, offering you expert guidance, safety, and compassionate support.

  • To safeguard both you and your regressionist for an in-person appointment, we ask that all clients be careful about Covid exposure, and wear a well fitted mask during their session. Your pracitioner will also be masked, and there will be a gentle overhead ceiling fan keeping the room ventilated. This will help you to feel safe and enjoy your journey thoroughly.
  • Avoid drinking strongly caffeinated beverages or alcohol just before your past-life session. If you usually drink morning coffee or tea, that is, of course, just fine.
  • Wear super-comfortable clothing. Your comfort is a priority. For an in-person appointment, you will be invited to remove your shoes at the door; we have clean, cozy socks if you want them.
  •  In-person: Due to allergies, please avoid wearing any fragrances, including cologne, essential oils, after-shave, lotions, or other scents.
  • In-person: For the health of other clients and your hypnotist, do not keep your appointment if you have any symptoms, even slight ones, of colds or flu.
  • The fee is $195, and for in-person appointments, cash, rather than a check, is the requested form of payment. We do not have the ability to make change or to process credit cards. It is possible, however, to pay in advance using an Amazon gift card or to use PayPal; there is a $15.00 service surcharge for clients who ask to use PayPal.
  • Please give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep your appointment (exceptions are made for sudden onset of symptoms of colds or flu).
  • Schedule your past-life appointment at a time when you do not have to rush off afterwards to do something else, and on a day when your pace is less hectic. That kind of pressure could otherwise interfere with the relaxation that will help you to access your past lives easily. Often our clients find they want time and space after their session for reflection.
  • Look forward to a wonderful journey!

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