How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Many people find the answers they are seeking and have rich healing experiences with just one session.

For others wishing to explore the past-life sources of issues or concerns in depth, we recommend several sessions. This is why:

While many people come to us for past-life regression out of simple curiosity, some of our clients who desire past-life regression therapy have mystifying issues or patterns which defy understanding, and which they are ready to heal and release.

Very often they find that they’ve had more than one past life contributing to such a pattern, whether it is an unreasonable fear, a stubborn and inexplicable behavior, or attracting the same kinds of people and/or situations over and over again.

Often it takes several sessions to uncover all the roots of a problem. Those of our clients who discover that they have been victims in the past nearly always discover that at some stage they were also perpetrators. Such past-life remembrances become a blessing. It is only by recognizing karmic justice and taking responsibility for all of our past actions and decisions that we can begin to understand and heal. Such revelations, however, can take time and trust before they emerge, for we have all experienced many reincarnations.

Some individuals travel to Sedona for the purpose of having past-life intensives. If they are here for three days, for example, they book a past life on each of the three days. Others like to allow a good cushion of time between appointments to absorb and integrate what they have learned. This is up to you and your schedule.

Please note that well-fitting masks are required for in-person sessions at this time. Another option, one that is useful, is to have your past life regression over the phone, a process that is just as fruitful as in-office visits.

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